Get Involved

UpdatedTuesday December 30, 2014 byGreenbelt Registrar.

Let your voice be heard and give us your suggestions to help build our sports program to be one of the best in the county.

Volunteers Needed

Get involved! In order for the Greenbelt BGC to become successful we need individuals like you to GET INVOLVED. Many opportunitys are available, become a board member, commissioner, coach, team parent, join a committee or assist a sport of your choice. Contact the registrar or sports commissioner and let them you want to be a part of the team.

Currently in need of:

  • 2015 Assistant Soccer Commissioner and Coaches
  • 2015 Track & Field Coaches

Commissioner (and Assistant Commissioner) Responsibilities

  • Present seasonal budget for approval to Board prior to season start date.
  • Ensure all Field\Courts needed for practice and games are secured prior to season start date including permits.
  • Present inventory of equipment, uniforms and all club property at the beginning and end of season.
  • Ensure all registered players have been issues appropriate and serviceable equipment/uniforms.
  • Ensure all certified head coaches have been issued appropriate and serviceable equipment needed.
  • Handle all complaints, concerns, criticism by parents and coaches.
  • Ensure all coaches adhere to the GBGC Code of Conduct and Policies and Procedures.
  • Ensure all coaches are certified pertinent to the City\County requirements.
  • Cooordinate with the Registrar to ensure all players are properly registered with the Club and County.


Coaches hold perhaps the most important role in the organization.  Coaches are the leaders of the team and are responsible for player positioning, practice, organization, game strategies, playing time and player development.  They set an example for the players and
should think of themselves as representing the players and GBGC at all times.

All coaches must be certified and successfully pass a background check.

Equipment Managers

We are always in need of equipment managers. The equipment manager will be responsible for maintaining, tracking and ordering of all equipment for that sport. Will work closely with the commissioners and coaches to ensure they have all the equipment needed for the season.

Team Moms

Behind every great coach is a great team mom! Team moms are needed for each team in each sport. Team mom duties may vary depending upon the sport, duties may include:

  • Creating and maintain the line up sheet,
  • Checking each child in with the line judge prior to the game,
  • May be asked to assist with the distribution of uniforms,
  • Assist with concessions,
  • Ensuring the kids have sufficient water during the game and practice,
  • Creating and coordinating the snack schedule to ensure each child receives a snack and drink after each game,
  • Notify parents of any game changes, cancellations due to weather and practice schedule,
  • Be the liason between the parent and the coach,
  • Assist with the coordination of the Homecoming and\or Banquet activities.