Code of Conduct

UpdatedTuesday December 30, 2014 byGreenbelt Registrar.

Everyone should remember that it is a game and that each team will experience its share of wins and losses, good days and bad days, good refereeing and bad refereeing, similar to the experiences we encounter in our everyday lives. It’s important for coaches, players and parents to avoid inappropriate behavior during practices and games. Treat everyone with respect and dignity and you will truly be a winner by any measure.

Be mindful, the coaches, commissioner, board members, team moms, etc are ALL volunteer with full time jobs and families of their own. They are here for your child. If you are unhappy about something, please respect the rules and follow the chain of command to voice your concern.

Once you register your child with the Greenbelt Boys & Girls club, you are a member of the club and part of the team: your actions reflect not only on yourself but also on the entire organization.

Whether you are a player or parent, you are required to adhere to the following code of conduct standards:

· I will avoid inappropriate behavior during practices, games, team and club functions,
· I will treat teammates, opponents, coaches, referees and other officials with respect,
· I will be respectful and courteous to the referees, coaches, players, parents and spectators,
· I will accept the decisions of the referees and coaches as being fair and performed to the best of their ability,
· I will demonstrate good sportsmanlike conduct by shaking hands with the opposing team at the conclusion of the game,
· I will not talk negatively to the referee or challenge their calls,
· I will not taunt, ridicule or argue with any referee, coach, player, parent or spectator,
· I will not use abusive or vulgar language.

Remember that you are there for the support of your child and his\her team. The game is for your child not for you. Set a good example of sportsmanship and encourage your child to meet his\her obligations. Allow the coach to direct the play of the game.

Most minor violations of the Code of Conduct should be resolved with the structure of the team. Serious or unresolved violations should be reported to the Commissioner or Athletic Director. A review will be conducted and actions may be taken to resolve the situation. Extreme violations may result in the expulsion from the GBGC. In addition, violators may be subject to disciplinary action by the City, County and \or MNCPP.