Pee Wee Basketball Program

UpdatedTuesday March 5, 2019 byGreenbelt Registrar.


The philosophy of the Pee Wee basketball program centers around three key areas of focus and commitment – sportsmanship, participation and excellence.

Sportsmanship demonstrates respect for your coaches, teammates, opponents, referees and self. Coaches and parents must play a leadership role in modeling respect and courtesy – particularly to the referees.

Participation encourages and expects involvement and outstanding effort from everyone. Players are attentive at practice and during games. Coaches play each team member a significant amount of time in each game. Teams are balanced in experience and ability to promote competitiveness and teamwork. Practices are structured and stimulating. Equipment matches the size and strength of the players.

Excellence requires a collective dedication to understanding and practicing fundamental basketball. Players and coaches commit to seeking our personal and team best.



Children ages 4-6 as of April 1st of the calendar year are eligible to play in the Pee Wee league.

Pee Wee games will be 5 on 5, with a full- length court and adjusted hoop heights.  Players will be assigned to 6u (4- 6 year olds) or 7u (6 and 7 year olds) according to age and skill set. Score and records will be maintained; however, all teams will participate in an end of the season tournament as hosted by the Pee Wee league.  Most game will take place in Upper Marlboro, MD on Saturdays and Sundays.

Volunteers are always needed, so please consider registering as a coach or team mom.  No experience is needed but you must pass a County-approved background check.